All Star Cheer

All Star Cheer

Competitive cheerleading is when cheerleading teams (of various age and levels of difficulty) compete against each other at a competition. Cheerleading routines are high energy and consist of Stunting, jumping, tumbling and dancing. Cheerleading is an inclusive sport. This means there is a team for everyone, regardless of experience or age! Everyone has the opportunity to learn, work as a team and achieve success.

Our Coaches at Boss Athletics are highly trained in all areas of cheerleading, as safety and proper progression is of the utmost importance. We offer a positive and uplifting environment for athletes of all ages and experience to realize their full potential. Boss athletics is a place where athletes can expect to have a balance between hard work, and fun! 

BOSS Athletics offers a variety of age and level opportunities for all star cheerleading athletes:

Novice (U6) – GLAM

Level 1 Prep (U8) – DIVAS 

Level 1 (U8) – CRAZE

Level 1 (U12) – LAVISH

Level 1 (U16) – POISE

Level 2 (U12) – POSH

Level 2 (U16) – FEMME

Level 2 (U16) INFALLIBLE (Crossover team only)

Level 3 (U16) – VOGUE

Level 4 (U18) – BOMBSHELLS

Int’l Level 5 (Open) – LUXE


How are Teams Made? 

Team are comprised of athletes of the same age range and skill level and require a mixture of bases, backspots, flyers and tumblers.  Athletes are evaluated at team placements through a variety of cheerleading specific skills. Once the evaluations are completed BOSS staff and coaches will place athletes on the team(s) they are best suited for! 

The Process

Step 1: Attend your age appropriate team placement slot. Don’t worry, team placements are fun, and everyone makes a team. No experience is required! 

Step 2: Keep an eye on your phone or email the Sunday after your placement! The Sunday after placements is our Phone Call Day, where we call you to offer your athlete(s) the team we have placed them on. If we do not reach you by phone, we will send you an email.  

Step 3: Accept or decline your offer. If you choose to accept, the next step is to attend the registration night for you/your athlete’s age group. 



What is a Level? 

The tumbling skills listed below are a starting point for team selection at each level. Athletes should have mastered these skills to make a team of that level. Athletes that are new to tumbling will be placed on a level 1 team. 

Level 1: Front roll, cartwheel, round off, back walkover, front walkover 

Level 2: Round off back handspring, standing back handspring

Level 3: Standing connected back handsprings, round off, back handspring, back tuck

Level 4: Standing back tuck, standing back handspring tuck, Round off back handspring layout

Level 4.2: Round off back handspring, standing back handspring 

Level 5: Jump tuck, round off handspring full, handspring handspring layout. 

* All athletes are required to take an additional tumbling class for their respective level. 


What are the Age Divisions? 

U6 (under 6)

U8 (under 8)

U12 (under 12)

U16 (under 16)

U18 (under 18)

Open: Ages 16+

More Information

For more information, check out our full Registration Package or email us at


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